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Broker Resource Center

At MetroPlusHealth, we share your mission—to offer quality, affordable Medicare Advantage health insurance plans to every eligible New Yorker. We believe in being more than just a health plan to our 650,000+ members, and provide many extra benefits and services to help keep them strong and well. Our dedicated Broker Services team works just as hard for you to deliver quick solutions whenever you want them.

Contact our Broker Services during office hours, Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm or e-mail us at [email protected].

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Broker Resources

Our Broker Services offers vigorous support to our appointed brokers, including:

  • Responding to and troubleshooting your questions, concerns, and inquiries related to your commissions
  • Assisting and coordinating your requests for health plan marketing collateral, materials, applications, brochures, fliers, promotional items, and equipment
  • Coordinating scheduling of your coverage at designated MetroPlusHealth authorized and approved marketing venues, such as RV, Community Offices, Medical Centers and other MetroPlusHealth-contracted Acute and Ancillary sites
  • Managing Medicare External Broker Sales Line, responding to but not limited to:
    • Inquiry of client enrollment
    • Broker Commission
    • Address your questions related to Policies and Procedures
  • Acting as liaison to internal MetroPlusHealth departments
  • Coordinating your ongoing and routine broker training
  • Coordinating Annual Broker Recertification
  • Coordinating new broker on-boarding
  • Coordinate events and special outreach initiatives planned between MetroPlusHealth and you
  • Assisting with troubleshooting technical issues associated with MetroPlusHealth systems and associated software programs utilized by you to assist applicants and members
  • Troubleshooting inquires related to applicant and member eligibility and enrollment status

Overview of Plans

Our Essential Plan Program

Essential Plans are open to those who don’t qualify for or the MetroPlusHealth plan. Eligibility also depends on your income, and the size of the household. here.

Our Medicare Program

At MetroPlusHealth, we offer two products: our Medicare Advantage and Platinum plans with robust benefits and services. Each plan also offers members all the perks of belonging to our health plan, including free 24/7 telehealth, a member rewards program, and much more. Learn more about our Medicare program here.

Our Medicare Advantage Plan

MetroPlusHealth Advantage Plan (HMO-DSNP) is a Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan designed for those Medicare beneficiaries who live in New York City, are eligible for Medicare Parts A and B, and receive assistance from New York State Medicaid. Depending on their level of Medicaid eligibility, our Advantage members may pay as low as $0 for covered services.


Medicare Advantage Plan

Our Platinum Plan

MetroPlusHealth Medicare Platinum Plan (HMO) is a plan designed for those Medicare beneficiaries who live in New York City and are eligible for Medicare Parts A and B. When a member joins our Platinum plan, they will receive their traditional Medicare benefits, plus the extra benefits offered by MetroPlusHealth. Medicare beneficiaries who may not qualify for Extra Help for Part D may like this plan.


Medicare Platinum Plan

Our UltraCare Plan

Our MetroPlusHelath UltraCare Plan is a Medicaid Advantage Plus plan designed for people who are dual eligible for Medicare and full Medicaid and need long-term care services such as home care and personal care. This plan will cover most of your Medicare and Medicaid benefits, including long-term care or home and community-based services, plus Prescription Drug coverage. UltraCare members will also get a Primary Care Manager who will manage your everyday needs, identify health issues and customize your care plan, all to help you stay in your home for as long as possible. This plan offers as low as a $0 monthly plan premium for those that receive Extra Help paying for their prescription drug premium.


Medicare Ultracare

Please see helpful resources below:

Medicare Provider / Pharmacy Directories

Kings (Brooklyn) and Richmond (Staten Island)

New York (Manhattan)

UltraCare Provider / Pharmacy Directories

Kings (Brooklyn) and Richmond (Staten Island)

New York (Manhattan)

Comprehensive Formulary

To order broker materials and/or plan documents, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Questions? Commission Inquiries?

Just call our Broker Services at 1-833-917-3525, Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm or e-mail us at [email protected].

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