What to do instead of paying for an emergency without insurance

What to do instead of paying for an emergency without insurance

New York is the greatest city in the world, and an inspiring one that’s full of possibilities. Outcomes can always be both positive… or negative. No one can know the future, so even if you are doing fine, you still need health insurance. A bad day in the Big Apple with insurance is always better than a bad day without it.

Why is that? When medical needs are not planned, even the most basic care costs a lot here. And when you don’t have health coverage, those “everyday” events can really add up fast:

– Need to go to the emergency room? One ER visit costs $1,6681

– Tear your ACL while going for a jog in Central Park? In the U.S., knee surgery runs $13,403.382

– Fall off a CitiBike and break your wrist? You could pay from $6,577 – $8,181 here in NYC3

Sadly, most New Yorkers are not prepared for the cost of these misfortunes, or others. In both NYC and other places, many people earn at or below the federal poverty level. We don’t think people should lose their savings over a surprise accident or injury. That’s why MetroPlusHealth has many low or no-cost health plans, so everyone can stay covered.

CRASH COURSE: Health Insurance For Beginners

Don’t know an HMO from a PPO, or a copay from a deductible? Let us walk you through the basics.

Essential Plans

  • No monthly premiums
  • Preventive care, emergency care, prescription drugs, mental health and more — all covered.
  • Free dental and vision coverage


  • No premiums
  • No copays
  • There for you in case of emergency

We know that New Yorkers do not live by always asking, “What if?” We’re brave, and if you’re here too, so are you. The New York City experience is about saying, “Yes.” And though New Yorkers choose to seize the day, we also do so with an unsaid, “within reason.” For us, that means getting basic coverage, no matter what. Let us help you find the right plan.

Ready to find out more or get started? Our dedicated representatives are here to help. Simply drop us an email at [email protected]. Or if you prefer to call, we are here 7 days a week at 855.591.2941.

1Average ER cost by state (MIRA)
2Average U.S. knee surgery costs; study (NIH)
3Cost of Surgical Treatment for Distal Radius Fractures (NIH)
last updated: March 1, 2023

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