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Check Your Eligibility

MetroPlusHealth takes pride in providing health plan coverage to a variety of New York City residents. But we have to ask you some questions first. To see if you might qualify for a MetroPlusHealth plan, please fill out the following form. All questions require an answer.

Please be aware: This is just a quick evaluation – and its determination isn’t final. Even if it deems you not eligible, you may still qualify for coverage, especially if you or someone in your household is pregnant.

Please call 1-800-475-6387 (METRO) or TTY: 711 to talk with a MetroPlus representative. Or come chat with us in person. We have Marketplace Facilitated Enrollers – we call ’em FEs for short – all over town, and they’re happy to help you answer your health plan questions. Here’s a list of their locations.

last updated: June 27, 2022

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