Every day, NYC Health + Hospitals doctors, nurses and staff commit themselves to delivering high quality, affordable care.

At MetroPlusHealth, you have access to that same level of quality care, with our Gold $0* copay plan.


As a healthcare provider, you’re used to achieving high standards. So, you know quality care. With MetroPlusHealth, you have access to a large network, with over 34,000 physicians and hospitals across New York City. You can choose the care you most value, including at NYC Health + Hospitals.  


Depending on your health plan, healthcare comes with a cost. Most plans cover preventive care with no or low copays. But what about other services? For example, nearly 40% of healthcare workers experienced PTSD and burnout from COVID. Most plans cover counseling, but there’s a $30 copay. Weekly sessions over the course of a year could add up to $1,560. 


At MetroPlusHealth, we believe it’s critical to take care of our frontline workers. We make it easier for you to get the quality care you need, at little to no cost. Copays for our Gold plan are $0. Those dollars saved could easily pay for the ABIM MOC fee or the Family Nurse Practitioner certification


Since 1985, we’ve built a reputation for providing access to affordable, quality health care to the people of New York City. We are over 700,000 members strong. And like you, we’re New Yorkers serving New Yorkers. Check us out. 


MetroPlusHealth Gold: the only plan with a $0 copay 

That means $0 for:

  • Doctor’s visits
  • Mental health care (unlimited visits)
  • Dietician care 
  • Telehealth (unlimited visits)


Plus, $0 premiums, deductibles and coinsurance.


You get a large network offering a wide choice of quality care

The MetroPlusHealth network includes:

  • 34,000+ of the City’s top doctors and mental health experts
  • 40+ hospitals including NYU Langone, Mount Sinai, and NYC Health + Hospitals
  • 110+ urgent care sites including CityMD locations


Plus extras 

Enjoy extras like:

  • Money back for rides to the doctor 
  • Up to $1,000 to work out


Find out how to sign up today

New York City employees’ annual Open Enrollment is November 1–31. Learn more about how you can save on quality healthcare with MetroPlusHealth Gold.Choose from four ways to get started:

  • Contact your benefits manager at work 
  • Call 1-877-475-3795
  • Visit us at our Virtual Office


*$0 benefits, depending upon plan of eligibility. $25 copay for urgent care. $100 copay for ER visit; waived if admitted. MKT 23.054 MetroPlus Health Plan, Inc. 
last updated: January 26, 2024

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