Finding The One: Choosing The Right Health Insurance Plan For When You Get Married

When New Yorkers decide to get married, they tend to put a lot of careful thought into how they’re going to celebrate: Where to have their ceremony, whom to invite to share in the joy, what customs to feature that properly honor their unique idea of what love, family and commitment mean to them. But no matter their choices, they can usually expect to face one hard truth: Getting married is expensive. 

Why, then, should picking health insurance alsobe an expensive experience? Making sure you and your loved ones are safe and covered in times of good health, andin times of sickness, shouldn’t be any more difficult than saying, “I do.”

That’s why we offer affordable health insurance that suits every partnership, regardless of your situation. We’re equipped to handle all of the unique health challenges you and your partner might face, like pregnancy, securing reliable birth control, dealing with chronic illness, treating mental health issues, undergoing physical therapy, recovering from drug addiction, developing nutrition plans, and so much more. Our coverage is every bit as unique to you as your wedding day. 

But, before you choose one of our plans, there are some important factors to consider. Just like your life can change when you go from being single to being married, your coverage can change too. You and your partner will have to think about things like:

  • Financial goals. You’ll want to choose a plan that makes the most financial sense, and that choice can depend on lots of things, like where you and your partner would like to live, whether you’re paying off student loans, paying down individual debt, saving up for travel, and many other factors. 
  • Family goals. Whether you already have kids or would like to have a baby in the future, you’ll want to know that your plan can accommodate you—providing fertility coverage, OB/GYN networks, and pediatrician networks that provide what you need to grow your family. 
  • Professional goals. It’s important to know whether your employers provide health insurance, and whether they provide incentives for choosing not to sign on to one of their company plans. Leveraging incentives or existing coverage can save you and your partner time and money. 
  • Personal goals. Finding a plan that covers your specific needs as individuals—things like regular prescriptions, weight management programs, therapy and more. 

Juggling all of the above as a newly married couple can be challenging, but that’s why we’ve worked so hard to become the NYC health insurance provider that truly understands what it takes to not only survive in The Big Apple, but thrive. As locals ourselves, we’re here for you every step of the way. So let’s get you covered. 

Have any questions? Or need assistance getting started? Email us at [email protected], or give us a call at (855) 809-4073. We’re eager to help, and available 7 days a week.

last updated: September 2, 2022

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