Graduating College

Congratulations—you’re a college graduate! Now, let’s talk about your health.

Walking across the stage to accept your college diploma is a big deal. After years of hard work, you got your degree! That’s amazing, and you should feel great. But even though you have your entire life ahead of you, it’s important to think about your physical and mental health. High-quality, yet affordable health insurance can help you take care of both, so you can go out there and enjoy life with some peace of mind. 


In New York, all people under the age of 26 can legally receive coverage through a parent’s health insurance plan, but we know this is not a privilege that everyone has. And once you turn 26, you are considered to have aged out of parental coverage.

We know education is different for everyone—you can earn a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, design school degree, trade school certificate, or any number of other professional licenses, at any stage of your life. But no matter your vocation, you have a lot of choices to make as a recent graduate, and getting health insurance can often get overlooked as you plan your future. So whether you decide to enter the workforce, continue your education, or even move somewhere new for adventure, you simply can’t ignore your physical and mental well being. Lucky for you, if you call New York City home, you’re guaranteed health insurance coverage.

CRASH COURSE: Health Insurance For Beginners

Don’t know an HMO from a PPO, or a copay from a deductible? Let us walk you through the basics.

If you plan to get a job, your employer might offer health insurance. Make sure you ask about health insurance coverage benefits any time you are considering accepting a job offer. The same applies for starting at a new school—many programs offer healthcare coverage, and it’s always a good idea to look into what they provide. Whatever your goals, and no matter what your next chapter entails, we offer many low and no-cost plans:

Essential Plans

  • No monthly premiums
  • Preventive care, emergency care, prescription drugs, mental health and more—covered
  • Free dental and vision coverage

Gold Plans

  • For ALL New York City employees
  • Low-cost ($0 copays, $0 deductibles, $0 employee premium, $0 co-insurance)
  • Comprehensive benefits (fitness reimbursement, medication delivery, and more)


  • Wide variety of health plans
  • Plans that are easy to adjust with major life changes
  • Tax credits, more affordable

Have questions? Get in touch with us via email at [email protected], or by phone at (855) 809-4073. We’re available 7 days a week, and we’d love to help. 

last updated: September 2, 2022

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