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Nowadays, working families have to make tough choices with limited dollars.

Learn how our $0* copay plan helps keep both your loved ones and your pocketbook healthy.


It goes without saying that raising a family is expensive. And the recent spike in cost of living doesn’t help, either. Add to that paying for your family’s healthcare, and you’re looking at a busted budget. The average annual premium for families in 2022 was $22,463. (Singles aren’t faring any better, having to pay about $7,739 in yearly premiums.) 


That’s why it’s great that most health plans cover well-child care with $0 copays. (Well-child care are regular visits that offer screenings and shots to keep your child’s health on track. They’re one of the best things you can do for your child. They’re designed to catch problems early when they’re easier to deal with.)


But anyone raising kids know they’re prone to lots of minor, unexpected problems that will send you to urgent care or the pediatrician. (The top three are sore throat, ear pain and bladder infection.) And it will cost you, unless you have MetroPlusHealth Gold. 


On average, a family with a baby sees a pediatrician nine times a year. With other plans, that’s $200 in copays. That could buy you nearly 100 dozen eggs (at $2.04 a dozen). At MetroPlusHealth, we believe every family deserves quality care at a cost you can afford. That’s why we’re the only plan with no copays. 


Check out all the benefits you get as a member. 


MetroPlusHealth Gold: the only plan with a $0 copay

No copays for:

  • Doctor’s visits
  • Mental health care (unlimited visits)
  • Dietician care 
  • Telehealth (unlimited visits)


Plus, $0 premiums, deductibles, coinsurance, and employee premiums.


You get a large network offering a wide choice of quality care

The MetroPlusHealth network includes:

  • 34,000+ of the City’s top doctors and mental health experts
  • 40+ hospitals including NYU Langone, Mount Sinai, and NYC Health + Hospitals
  • 110+ urgent care sites including CityMD locations


Extras that make being healthy easier

Enjoy extras like:

  • Money back for rides to the doctor 
  • Up to $1,000 to work out


Find out how to sign up for MetroPlusHealth Gold today

The New York City employee annual Open Enrollment is November 1–31. Learn more about how MetroPlusHealth Gold may be right for you.Choose from four ways to get started:

  • Contact your benefits manager at work
  • Call 1-877-475-3795
  • Visit us at our Virtual Office


*$0 benefits, depending upon plan of eligibility. $25 copay for urgent care. $100 copay for ER visit; waived if admitted. MKT 23.054 MetroPlus Health Plan, Inc. 
last updated: January 26, 2024

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