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NYC Health + Hospitals Employees, and their families, get top-rated health insurance for $0* with MetroPlusHealth Gold.
Call the Gold Concierge Line today at 877.475.3795 or email [email protected].

New NYC Health + Hospitals Employees only have 30 days to choose their health insurance. With MetroPlusHealth Gold you get:

  • $0 copay
  • $0 premiums
  • $0 prescription drug coverage
  • $0 unlimited telehealth
  • Up to $1,000 to work out
  • More $0 benefits below

MetroPlusHealth Gold makes NYC healthy living easy.
With $0* copays, a family of four can save at least $300 a year.

Don’t miss out. Enroll now on the PeopleSoft Portal or Gold Concierge Line at 877.475.3795 to learn more.

*$0 benefits, depending upon plan of eligibility. $25 for urgent care copay. $100 copay for ER visit; waived if admitted.

Dr. Helen Arteaga Landaverde for Gold Plan

Dr. Helen Arteaga Landaverde is the Chief Executive Officer at NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst and a proud member of the MetroPlusHealth Gold Plan for over three years. In this video, she discusses how $0 copayments helped her immigrant family access important health care benefits that addressed their specific needs and priorities.

“I have a big family. When you have zero copayment, that’s a huge savings because $10 or $25 adds up quickly. Believe it or not, with those hundreds of dollars, I could use them for education, after school programs, or other things to support my family with.”

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Get the care you need from a team you can trust:
34,000+ top-rated providers, 40+ hospitals like
Mount Sinai, NYU Langone, and NYC Health +
Hospitals, and 110+ urgent care sites including all


MetroPlusHealth Gold is open to all NYC Health + Hospital employees, their families, qualified domestic partners and eligible dependents.
Enroll today.

MetroPlusHealth Gold is different!

National Health Care Plans

$20 / $30 / $50 copays
Telehealth with $10 copay
Shrinking networks
Focused on the bottom line: their profits
Based outside of New York City
Impersonal customer service
Unknown network
$0 copay
$0 24/7 telehealth
Expanding network
Not for Profit
By New Yorkers, for New Yorkers
Customer service from real people who live in NYC
34,000+ providers in all five boroughs

Plan Features

Monthly Premium


Monthly Premium


Annual Checkup

Doctors & Specialists

$0 24/7 Telehealth

Hospital Visits

Prescription Drug Coverage

Prepackaged Medications

Fitness Reimbursement

Weight Loss Program Reimbursement

NYC Employees

$0 with basic plan



$250 every 6 months for member
$250 every 6 months for spouse

$100 every 6 months for member
$50 every 6 months for spouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only see NYC Health + Hospitals Providers?

No. You can see all providers in MetroPlusHealth’s large NYC network with 34,000+ top providers, all for $0.

  • 40+ hospitals like NYU Langone, Mount Sinai, Montefiore, Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC Health + Hospitals
  • 110+ urgent care sites, including all CityMD
  • Top labs, including Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics

If I see an H+H provider, will my coworkers be able to access my personal health records?

Unauthorized access of patient files, including coworkers accessing your medical records, is a serious issue and violates NYC Health + Hospitals Code of Conduct. Our systems have various controls such as access control and monitoring systems that logs individuals’ unique logins when medical records are accessed. Unauthorized employee access to patient records is a HIPAA violation and taken seriously.

Zero Copay plan?

Yes! $0* copays for providers and specialists, $0 premiums, $0 deductibles for you and your family. A family of four may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year on copays versus other plans for city employees.

Does the plan cover prescription drugs?

You can add on a low-cost prescription drug benefit to the basic Gold plan to cover drugs for you and your family.

What other benefits do I get with the Gold plan?

  • You and your spouse can get up to $1000 reimbursement for working out.
  • We offer reimbursements for joining weight loss programs
  • You may qualify for $0 copays for dietician visits
  • $0 24/7 telehealth through MetroPlusHealth virtual visit
  • And more!

MetroPlusHealth Gold is made for H+H Employees.
Start your enrollment process today.

We are available 7 days a week.

Monday – Friday | 8am – 8pm (ET), Saturday | 9am – 5pm (ET) and Sunday | 9am -12pm (ET)

*$0 benefits, depending upon plan of eligibility. $25 for urgent care copay. $100 copay for ER visit; waived if admitted.

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last updated: July 24, 2024