Ritter Insurance Marketing

Ritter offers robust support to brokers selling MetroPlusHealth Medicare plans, including:

  • Tailored & Efficient Plan Quoting
    • Run and compare accurate quotes using your clients’ personal info.
  • Real-Time Client Record Management
    • Share in managing client profiles that contain prescription lists, providers, plan history, and more.
  • Innovative “Medicareful” Integration
    • Works in tandem with our no-cost online enrollment tool, Medicareful, creating the insurance industry’s dream team.
  • A Ticket to Sales Anywhere
    • Seamlessly take a sale from start to finish by interacting either in-person or remote.

We also offer help with:

  • Questions related to your commission payment and reconciling payments to specific members you enroll
  • Discuss support related to promoting your business as an independent agent
  • Industry and Product Training
  • Use of Ritter’s “Enrollment Tool” called Medicareful to shop and compare, get enrollment quotes, process applications, etc.
  • Assistance with getting appointed and on-boarded with Carriers associated/contracted with Ritter
  • Assistance with Agent Certification
  • Assistance with Supply Ordering

Learn more here. Visit our website here or call 1-800-769-1847 to learn about getting appointed

last updated: July 14, 2022

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