Ramadan Iftar Dinner at Bronx Borough Hall

April 13, 2023

The Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson is pleased to invite you to join her for Annual Ramadan Iftar Dinner sponsorship of this event will make a significant impact on its success, and we are asking that you support this Iftar Dinner event with sound system and a DJ to play appropriate content during this celebration.

Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan, and is often done as a community, with Muslim people gathering to break their fast together. The meal is taken just after the call to the Maghrib prayer, which is around sunset. Traditionally three dates are eaten to break the fast, in emulation of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, who broke his fast in this manner, but this is not mandatory. Muslims believe that feeding someone iftar as a form of charity is very rewarding and that such was practised by Muhammad.

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